Terminating a Section 8 lease

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I just inherited a section 8 tenant on a new property that I purchased. I gave her a letter stating that I am terminating her month to month lease and that she needs to move out in 30 days (actually I am giving her 45 days notice). She replied that with Section 8 I have to give 60 days written notice. I tried to google it, but could not find anything. Does anyone know on this? I have never dealt with Section 8 before. Thanks.

I found out the same way, I sent 30 day notice rent increase and found out it had be 60 day notice...

Hal why did you want to throw the section 8 out??

Was the rents below market for the voucher??

If you are a buy and hold investor I don't see why you would want them out unless they have pit bulls,unkept place etc.You will have reconditioning costs to get re-rented again that could be substantial if they have lived there for any length of time.

You need to get the tenant to sign a letter that you can talk to their case worker.

You can't do the 30 days at least not in my state. Section 8 is federal but is administered on the local level.So in Georgia it is section 8 federally but where I am called HAFC locally.

Thanks Joel and Dick for this information.

Joel - The rent is far below market rent and that is why my partners and I want to re-rent the place.

Hal hopefully you factored in extra reserve costs and rehab costs getting them out.

It sounds like from your interaction with the tenant though it was an afterthought on your part.Sometimes you can get the voucher amount upped with the case worker but it sounds like you are way off in value.

I might try that if the rehab looked substantial.How long has the section 8 tenant lived there??

If rent was 300 higher per month with a new tenant and recondition costs was 2,000 it would take a little over half a year to recoup your costs.

I agree with Joel do the math. You can put in for a rate increase. Section 8 can be a pain but the checks come like clockwork. Get an appointment with their caseworker in any case.

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