Inherited home with tenants

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My parents gave me a rental home. My name is on the home now so I can manage the property.

The tenants my parents found has been on a month to month contract for 4 years no ow after their 1 year contract ended.

They have set up a tent to fix cars and my parents have gotten a complaint about them working past midnight. It was nothing major.

If I was to do a new contract, is their anything I can legally do about them fixing cars? Am I allowed to have a key for the shed they built if lease states landlord must have keys for all locks on property?

Can I put on lease they can not fix cars after a certain time? They state it's not a business but they fix cars for different people all day long.

@Stephen Akindona

I already did. My cousin is a real estate lawyer and said that they need a business license and insurance to work on other people's cars. They are claiming they don't need one because they are just helping friends and not making money off of it.

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Put it in your new lease that there can be no business activities on the property (consult local rules of course.)

Also have a no structures allowed besides the property and specifically give them notice to remove the tent. 

If they want to be a mechanic they can go get a second job.  Your rental, your business.  Their business doesn’t occur on your property.