Once deposit is refunded is there way to recoup cost from tenant?

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Refunded a deposit but now that spending even more time in the house getting it ready and with warmer weather, it’s clear their dog pissed everywhere and destroyed the carpet and air conditioner with let sander. 

I’m about $2,000 into trying to eradicate the smell which for some reason wasn’t as apparent 2 months ago. 

Any reaourse their in Texas?

@Steve S.

I think you may have to bite the bullet on this one my friend. Once you have given back the tenants their deposit...

1. You are never seeing that money back.

2. You are telling the tenant and the judge (If you ever take it to court) that the tenant has left the property in a satisfactory condition where no money was needed to do any repairs.

Next time, think like this: "There is ALWAYS repairs to do after a tenant leaves". No matter how pristine they leave it. There is always something to do.

You jumped the gun too early on returning the deposit. Do you know how long it took me to get my deposit back after I moved out of my apartment? Nearly 3 to 4 months.

Take as long as you need to make repairs and whatever is left, you give it back to them.

Don't know the laws in Texas work though.   

The landlord/tenant laws spell out exactly how the security deposit is handled -- usually you need to send an itemized list for any deductions and the remainder back within x days.  If it's over that time period without itemizing damages, then you usually cannot keep any of the deposit, anyway, unless the law allows you to send a letter claiming you need more time to assess, which I believe some states allow.  

If you're still working on pet odor two months after the tenant left, you've done something wrong. Dog urine can typically be cleaned with a good carpet cleaning and odor neutralizer. I've done it dozens and dozens of times. If you try it once or twice and it's not working, replace the flooring and be done with it.