New property eviction question / advice

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Hello all,

     I'm in the process of purchasing my first rental property (4 plex). I will need to live in one of the units with the loan I am getting. From my walkthrough there are two units that just won't fly with the way they are being taken care of by the tenants. 

1. Smoking in the unit

2. Chandelier hanging above kitchen sink spliced into an extension cord for power. 

3. Just overall care of the units in general.

These tenants are in month to month leases. 

I am known as a Big Teddy Bear and at times a push over. Do any of you have any advice on how to get it through my thick skull that it's okay to evict these people I don't know? Any podcasts, books, etc. Please don't just say toughen up. This is an honest question.