Tenant Screening and Applications on Zillow

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New investor in Central Florida here! I have my first buy and hold property ready to go and am currently preparing my first rental listing! This is exciting stuff! I have read through some blogs and forums and saw that some investors use tenant screening/managment and application products such as Buildium and the like. Has anyine here used the built-in Zillow features for the tenant to submit app, background check, and screening? Did you love it/hate it? It seems so convenient and easy and low cost, but almost too good to be true! I'd love to here your thoughts and experiences.

Please disregard typos and misspelling. I am secretly running my investment career on my phone from my car in the parking lot while on my lunch break from my 8-5 :)

I have switched over to Zillow applications and background checks. I love them. They are inexpensive and easy for applicants. I get an email when I get a new application and I can log into my account and review them.

For finding residents we love Rentlinx. A lot more exposure than just listing it through zillow. 

We have our application setup for applicants to access through our website and the credit/criminal/eviction checks are done through Rentscreener.com which we have had good experiences with so far  

Allows applicants to upload requested docs right to the application and also allows them to pay through the site also. Makes things easy when processing apps. 

Thank you all so much for the information! I apologize it took so long for me to thank you and this may be a "newbie" situation, but my Bigger Pockets App on my phone did not alert me that anyone responded. I thought maybe my post wasn't seen. I saw this when I finally logged in on my desktop.

Thanks again for taking your time to respond!