Rental Accounting software

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Hello Everyone.

I am looking for some software that I can do everything in Rentec or Appfoilo or Builduim AND Quickbooks. 

The way I see it you can do everything in Cozy for free that those offer. I want to be able to track expenses and market my property.

I haven't form one yet. Have You?



I hear you- I'm on the search too.  Currently I use RentecDirect.  Great customer service, but I have outgrown them as they do NOT have an API. 

Hi Nathan- Thanks for offering.  Please reach out to me via email or text- Rentec should have my information, and I do not think I can post it here.  My CFO Erik Kugler has spoken with RTD about using an API to connect to his accounting software rather than manually producing a RTD report.  That's what we are going for- live connection.  Also, we have not been able to connect/integrate even my current accounting software (QB online); even with the help of RTD customer service.   Please lmk if you are aware of PM software that has an API- or if RTD can get an API.   Thanks!