Looking at my possible first Multifamily

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So, I got a P&L from the seller and I calculated the numbers below, what intrigues me is the Mortgage Insurance is so high, the area is in a flood zone but is this typical for an insurance to be this high?

Update on numbers:

150k Home

20% down payment 30k

interest rate 4.5%

property taxes: 2k/yr

home insurance: 3865/yr

Monthly Rents: $2675

Unit 1: $1200 2bd 1ba

Unit 2: $825 2bd 1ba

Unit 3: $650 1bd 1ba

Monthly expenses:

monthly payment would be $1098 (includes insurance, taxes, P&I)

Vacancy: $268

Repairs: $100

PM: $268

CapEx: $268


CF= $673