Hello, I am wondering how long it is suppose to take to get a tenant out from the house?

I have 2 homes that I bought at foreclosure. I have the deed already in my name.

On one home, I hired an attorney without doing too much research, he seems to know what he was doing and the case was a little complicated, the borrower filed to bankruptcy, the judge denied it, he appealed and still got rejected. Finally the lawyer said we have to schedule an eviction company to do the eviction, which he scheduled it with “eviction services” now they coordinate with a local sheriff, which was done 3 weeks ago, the borrower called saying a sheriff came by the house just to see! Not even to notify them about eviction. And now we’re just waiting on a date when ES and the sheriff can go out and empty the home? It’s been over 90 days...

I wonder how long this process is suppose to take, and usually how much does an attorney charge for this kind of service?

On the second property I am thinking of doing it myself, if someone can guide me in the right direction, or hire an cheaper attorney!

Any feedback would be much appreciated!