Tenant created a “kennel “

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Tenant was allowed to move in with 6 dogs a year ago. They signed a two year lease.Now town sent me a violation notice that the specific house zoning only allows 3. Tenant is not responding to my inquiry and request to address the situation where town asked them to reduce the number of the dogs to 3 or less.

The details may depend on your geographic location, but it seems you may need to send proper notice to your tenant to cure the violation or terminate tenancy. In California, this would be a 3 day notice to cure or quit. If after 3 days the violation is not corrected, then you would start the eviction process.

Post the notice on their door.  They might think the city gave it to them directly.  Also talk to the city to see if they can send the tenants a notice directly.  Can you go by in person and talk to the tenants?

The owner created the kennel, not the resident.  The residential rental business is a lot different than boarding that many animals and requires a different type of facility.

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At this point, you should probably hire an attorney to resolve this. It sounds like you're in over your head and may only make matters worse.

I agree with Nathan. If your lease allows the dogs but the city does not, you're in a catch 22 there. You may need an attorney to make sure you can legally satisfy both the lease agreement and the city. An attorney can give you advice on how to get out of it. It may or may not cost you. Some attorney's give a free consultation and some will even answer a few questions over the phone. I've even gotten some great free advice from attorney's right here on BP.

But first, start by asking the city (code enforcement) if they have any suggestions on what you can do about it and what the consequences will be for you your lease allows the dogs and the tenants won't get rid of some dogs. If they can't point you towards a solution, then ask attorney's their opinion on the best course of action. Then hire one if you have to.

Does your lease include a severability clause? This clause won't have your entire lease thrown out in court. It may help your case since the law only allows 3 dogs. I'd stop by their house to try to talk to them. If they still arent responsive, start eviction proceedings. Well wishes!