Newbie looking for advice

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Hi new here looking for suggestions,

I've saved up $250k and am looking to get the best ROI I can. I have researched multi family units and really want a solid investment that will provide a stable return. Sorry of this has been asked before but I'm ready to pull the trigger and want some last minute advice.

Thank you.

@Edward Simpson

Congrats on saving $250k. That's a big chunk to use in real estate. Are you planning to use your cash as a down payment and leverage something or are you trying to buy something in cash?

On multi family property are you looking for residential (2-4u) or commercial (5u+)?

Keep in mind, the return you are looking for can come in many forms.

What is your main goal, capital appreciation, cash flow, or portfolio growth?

Hi, I am looking to grow a portfolio and want to eventually end up with some cash flow.  I am planning on having another $200k to invest by the years end.  My credit is great and don't mind financing in a good investment.

Originally posted by @Nathan G. :

I would seriously look into purchasing a larger multi-family property in an area that provides solid cash flow and has a good property management company to handle everything.

That definitely sounds good, I'm in similar boat and curious if anyone has input to suggest such cash-flowing area for multi-families.  Following the thread.