Best Apps for Property Management

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I am closing on my first duplex and plan to house hack, what are the go-to apps to track expenses and collect rent?  I would love something with an online portal to give me stats and expense numbers.  With that being said, I would prefer free apps as I only have the single property. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

If you have one property just use a spreadsheet. You can collect rent via Venmo if it's under $3000 a month. I manage 50 doors and we don't use any software currently. Don't spend money unless you really must. 

@Jake Stuttgen I just created a Cozy account and that looks perfect.  I've heard good things about Stessa and since Cozy does not have a mobile app, I think I will give that one a try as well, thank you!

@Peter T.   I definitely agree about spending the money, but there seems to be free resources out there.  As a new investor I want to track my expenses pretty closely so I can make more informed guesses on maintence when I'm analyzing my next deal

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@Peter T. do you collect rent for free with Venmo (how do you separate the addresses)

I own some property myself and if the apartments are under $3000 a month, yes that's how I collect it. It's incredibly simple. Then I just log in my spreadsheet that rent was paid for that apartment.