Tenant screening through SmartMove

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Anyone ever screen a tenant through SmartMove on rentlaw.com. If so, I’d like to get your feedback. Or, a recommendation for another website that screens potential tenants.

I've done it through Mysmartmove. Definitely my go to, you are able to see income insights which is unique on it's own. I've run over a dozen applications on there and the results always come back within 10 minutes. Can't say the same to other services like Cozy's background and credit check. 

Ive used mysmartmove. Would recommend. Easy for the tenant to pay themselves and the report is emailed to you.

@Markum King

MySmartMove is all I do. I like the nation wide eviction check and the fact that I don’t collect any money. Applicant pays directly. Of note; I only put forth one applicant at a time after I do a free preliminary screening checks of past landlords, employment, and open source criminal courts online. So, by the time the applicant pays the $40 fee, they should pass (unless they lied on their application).

@Markum King I use Tellus app that does the screening with naborly. You can ask them for a sample report, it’s really comprehensive and actually free for all parties. That’s huge for me since I know it means I will have more applicants and really be able to pick the best one. The benefit of using Tellus to get the screens is it also helps you keep all the applicants in one place with full documentation. It’s better than trying to manually remember everyone’s name and application.

@Kevin Lefeuvre I usually ask tenants to submit an application after the showing. My other landlord friends do the same but I can see why you'd take applications beforehand. For me, I'd like to meet the person in real life before picking them as tenants. 

Have been meaning to try cozy screening for a while since I use it for rent collection but kept forgetting. Have been using smartmove for years now. But recently noticed that BP is not pushing smartmove like they used to. I clicked around the site and couldn’t find any official endorsement of it anywhere, let alone direct links. Now BP is pushing several other companies. What happened? @Mindy Jensen

@Markum King

I recently used EZLandlordForms.com for tenant screening. This is the first time I’ve ever screened tenants, so I don’t have much to compare it to but I thought it worked great. It also allowed me to easily upload the chosen tenant into the lease agreement I drafted on their website.