Airbnb a good idea?

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Hey guys,

Last month, I put one of my properties and list different rooms on Airbnb and surprisingly, it generates an amount of money that I haven't been expected before. I want to continue and my friends all want to have a try. I just wonder if there are something I need to pay attention to for listing on Airbnb. Thanks in advance! 

Hey Nicholas! Welcome to the Airbnb club. On our first listing we also generated more cashflow that I was expecting. Here are some things I would reccomend you to be aware of:

1. Many cities have regulations on Short Term Rentals. Make sure that you are operating in compliance with your city. In Denver, a couple was just charged with felonies for not being in compliance: (not trying to scare you, just make sure you know the laws in your area)

2. Make sure that you are consistent with guest experience. Clean rooms, quick responses to guests, etc. If you get enough good reviews you can become a "Superhost". If you get enough bad reviews, and people may stop booking your property all-together. 

Good luck out there!