Adding tenants on facebook!

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I don't have Facebook but if I did I wouldn't do it.  Why would you want your tenants to see all your personal info, family, vacation photos, etc?  No good can come from it.  

Geez no way ! Look You should be professional and have a separate account . One for business and a private one for friends and family . It’s okay to be friendly with tenants .. however it’s not okay to actually be friends .  

Hell no...... I don't want them within my personal life in any way shape or form. If you want to use FB for your business, then have a separate account for that and allow tenants to be "friends" on that page..... but NO WAY on my personal account.

This is the most emphatic NO I've ever given here on BP. Every piece of advice on this website is debatable, but I can't imagine anyone would advise this would be a good idea. 

I have applicants try to friend me on Facebook. No way! I do have a few former tenants on my friend list, but not current ones. Well, except for the ones who were friends before they were tenants. (Yes, I know, don't rent to friends or family, but it works for us.)

That’s a big heck no.  I don’t even tell my tenants my last name.  I’m Eric C to them and in correspondence.  Heck I have friends that I don’t want them to see my vacation pictures let alone a tenant. 

@Charlie Moore

In the past (I’m no longer on fb), when I’ve gotten requests from tenants, I would text them and explain that I keep business and personal life separate. They understand and there’s no hard feelings. But it’s a big NO.

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@Eric C.

What do you do when they ask for ya last name?

Never happened.  I run a business and use a business name.  Even if someone asked me I’d ignore it deflect it or just flat out refuse.  

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@Eric C.

What do you do when they ask for ya last name?

 "I will no longer be Homer J. Simpson.  From this day forward I will known as Homer Jay Simpson"


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@Eric C.

Fool. You need your last name to take them to court

Not when I have a business LLC. My name does not go on court documents at all. EVER.

There’s a million things in life you learn as you go on.  Me being insanely private is one of them.  

@Charlie Moore I had a tenant message me on FB asking if was the one who owned XXXX property (we have property management in place.)

I didn't respond, nor do I plan on doing it.

As others have mentioned, no good can come of it.

@Charlie Moore I would not. My 1 friend who is a landlord accepted a tenants friend request and through this he found out the tenant got a new puppy (lease states no pets at all) so sucked for her and worked out for him hahaha.

@Charlie Moore pretty much every time you lost asking one of these types of questions...just do the opposite. You’ll do so much better.

Want to add tenants on FB? Don’t do it.

Don’t want to pay that 2000 dollar water bill? Sorry, you have to pay it.

Hire an employee who flirts with your tenants? Don’t do it!

Bonus scenario: Rent to a person with multiple evictions, low credit? Don’t do it!

You get the idea