Tenant moving 30 days before 60 notice

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If I give my tenant a 60 day notice to leave but the tenant decides to leave in 30 days do I need something in written from the tenant that he his leaving in 30 days. Will a text or email will be valid or if not what document can prove they are leaving 30 days before the 60 days notice expire?

Yes.  A landlord's 60 day notice does not waive the tenant's obligation to give 30 days notice. If the tenant fails to give notice, then the tenant pays for the full 60 days.  Here's some sourcing for you:


I would accept a text or email as tenant notice.  Hope this helps...

Generally, he should give you some notice in writing, text or e-mail would do. See:

30 day notice

Legality aside, if I'm annoyed with the tenant, the sooner he moves out the better, instead of nit picky and being a pain and demand "where's my notice". With rentals, at one time, I operate within a tight budget, and have to watch move in and move outs. But if I get more demanding, so will the tenants, and wind up losing money in the long run. Playing nice guy works better, even if you have to pretend.

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