Hello everyone,

My name is Andy Skarvada, 37 in San Diego, currently taking over my mothers real estate management business.

We've got like 80 long term rentals and about 15 furnished vacation rentals.

Wanted to systemize and automate the business as efficiently as possible, so far its a bunch

of snail mail, checks, files and paper works old school I suppose lol.

Just signed up with Buildium for the long term rentals which should help get everything more efficient, online and digital.

Was wondering what software you guys might recommend for the vacation rentals.

I know Home Away and Lodgix are big and popular but not sure about their prices.

Are there any other ones that you folks recommend that would keep track of leads,

inquiries, payments received, when payments are due, when their checking in,

with house cleaning marked on an online calendar, a faster way to enter information and send

forms other than winforms and docusign and lastly a calendar that shows all properties

and bookings, a faster online calendar system rather than manually typing it in excel as you can see attached

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and any ideas, websites or companies that you

might recommend would be very much appreciated. Thanks