@Robert C.

I specifically talked about landlording issues because in my view this website really does have a gaping flaw -- it doesn't do a good job offering quality rehab advice, and some of the people in the forums who regularly talk about their "rehabbing experiences" are probably really good at picking out the most expensive vodkas in blind taste tests but should be beaten with a good thick stick every time they get a random urge to write something about power tools.

But I do think that sooner or later, you get to the right answers about LLing here at BiggerPockets, and you get to them faster than trying things out on your own and paying for your own lessons. I didn't find this site for quite some time in the beginning either. Then I went to a Fortune Builders three-day event and the presenter mentioned it in his first twenty minutes of running down different ways of doing things in real estate other than "the FB way." I wrote it down and as soon as I got done with the seminar started investigating this site.