STESSA- Property Management software

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I was wondering if anyone had some good or bad words about Stessa? I currently just use microsoft Excel, however my business is growing and that seems to take up quite a bit of time. I was curious to know if Stessa was user friendly and easy to follow? Was wondering if it tracked mileage as well, as that is a great source of tax write off as im sure all of you know. Any words of advice are helpful, and thank you in advance.

In my limited dabbling with their software, it seemed that the client interface was strong and very user-friendly. As a CPA, I was concerned with the limited amount of reports that can be generated. 

If they improve the reporting feature, I'll probably start to recommend to some of our clients, but not until they add the balance sheet to the report list.

If you are scaling up, I would recommend accounting software over spreadsheets.

Daniel, Thank you for the words of advice. For the most part I really just had my spreadsheets broken up into five categories: Rent, Utilities, Mileage, expenses and appliances. Do you believe Stessa would be able to break it down that much for my CPA to figure it out okay? Thanks again for the advice, it is greatly appreciated.

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are there any other software out there that one can recommend. I am about to look for one myself and in the process still working on 2018 taxes so i mind as well jump onto a new one real soon.  thanks for your input.