Do you allow pet in your rental home? Do you allow smoke inside?

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If allowed, how much do you charge for pets?

And smoke inside?


@Lei L. I do allow pets, but I charge $25 per month for them. Several other land lords that I know are charging a bit more, and I will probably bump that fee up over time to $30 or $35 per month. I have really enjoyed the extra boost to the NOI. On one of my buildings in Berwyn, IL, the pet fees alone have added around $40,000 in building value at a 7 cap!

Because I love dogs I did allow a dog, but I did enforce a breed and weight restriction.  I didnt charge extra monthly, but I did make them pay a pet deposit.  My tenants tried to bring pit bulls and of course that is a no-no.  Smoking, no way.

I don't allow either in my rental. Im not a pet person so I have a hard time accepting the thought of them in my rentals. My neighbors dog is older and has gotten in a habit of peeing in this one spot of their house. I had an old friend who had a cat that liked to scratch the baseboards. I can only imagine how a tenant may let their animals do whatever. I don't smoke so I don't want that lingering at my property for me to later have to deodorize.

No smoking, no vaping inside.

I allow two free-range pets (cats must be fixed, breed restrictions on dogs) and charge a non refundable fee of $200 for each. Pet rent isn't really a thing here yet, but I have seen it pop up on a few rentals in the area...may have to rethink that one in the future.

Pets, yes. I don't charge a pet fee but I'm becoming an outlier as most other landlords do. I have started collecting extra deposit as needed for big hairy dogs or younger college students that don't like to clean, as the cleaning charges are more expensive in houses that had pets. Smoking - absolutely not, and I specify *everything* in my lease - no cigs, cigars, pot, vaping, e-cigs, etc. Cleaning up dog hair is one thing - getting smoke smell out of a house usually requires a repaint. 

Thank you all so much for sharing! I checked local rental ads and people said here. I have put $35 pet fee on my rental and no smoking inside! Will follow @JD Martin advice to put everything on the lease avoid the loose end. 

@Lei L. I do not rent to any smokers. If they smoke, they will smoke inside. Smoke permeates everything and extremely difficult to remove the smell. I recommend a no smoker policy, not a no smoking policy. Smokers are not a protected class, unless it is medical.

Originally posted by @Lei L. :

If allowed, how much do you charge for pets?

And smoke inside?


We allow up to 2 dogs in our SFR's. A nonrefundable fee of $450 per dog and a weight limit of 45 lbs.

No smoking inside. After 35 years of doing rentals had one tenant decide to smoke inside.  Needless to say his deposit return was $0.

We allow animals where appropriate, meaning a house with a fenced yard or 1 of our apts.  It helps when you can say not in this building,  but our other one over there allows.

As far as smokers?  No way.  Ever seen Cops?  Drunk idiot being dragged to the street in his wifebeater tanktop? Smoker. Higher risk.  

Every turd I've ever had has been a smoker. Evictions, cash for keys?  No more for me. Plus I've had to remediate 7 times.  Tons of extra work and disgustingness. 

No smoking because it is very expensive to remove the smell and it's a fire hazard. Also, I find that some people who smoke cigarettes inside also tend to make other poor decisions inside their homes.

I allow 2 pets with breed and weight restrictions and require an extra $300 security deposit. I recommend allowing pets because you don't want to eliminate a huge source of potential renters.

Thank you all again! I should pay more attention to smokers in the application stage. Ask them if there are smokers. 

What kind of documents do you want to see for pets? Never have dogs or cats before. Should I ask for vaccination or/and registration of pets? Thanks.

Originally posted by @Angelique A.:

Because I love dogs I did allow a dog, but I did enforce a breed and weight restriction.  

I'm curious on the weight restriction. I ask because I had a weimaraner and a jack russell for 13 years and the jack did more harm than the weim (peeing).


  • Pets will be limited to domesticated dogs and domesticated cats as well as small, permanently caged animals.
  • Certified law enforcement dogs employed only by a local, state or federal agency with proper supporting
  • documentation are also permitted.
  • 2-dog limit or 2 cat-limit, for a total 3 pets limit. No puppies or cats less than 1 yrs old, 50lb weight limit.
  • No “Dangerous Breeds” or insurance “Blacklisted Breeds” – see Pets Requirements further below:• Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers• Doberman Pinschers• Rottweilers• Chows• Great Danes• Presa Canarios• Akitas• Alaskan Malamutes or Klee Kai• German Shepherds• Siberian Huskies• Wolf-hybrids• Mastiffs (Bull, Bandogge, Boerboel,
    Neapolitan)• St. Bernard• Weimaraner• Or a mix of any of the above
  • No Aquariums larger than 10 Gallons allowed.
  • No ferrets, reptiles or rodents of any kind are permitted as pets. All birds must be confined in cages and not allowed to reside outside their cage.
  • Farm and exotic animals are also prohibited.
  • Special consideration is given to "Service Animals" that assist a tenant with special medical needs - proper documentation is required. The person seeking to use and live with the animal must have a disability (that is, physically or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities) and the person making the request must have a disability-related need for an assistance animal. I.E. according to HUD, the animal must "work", provide assistance, perform tasks or services for the benefit of the person with the disability or provide emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of a person's existing disability.
  • Individual animals which are known to be aggressive are restricted, regardless of breed. We reserve the right to restrict any animal. 
Pet deposit/fee and rent options:
Weight LimitLower Deposit $200/pet
Higher Rent
Fee $300/pet
Lower Rent
High Deposit $400/pet
Lower Rent

(Under 20 lbs.)
$20/month per pet $15/month per pet $10/month per pet
(Under 35 lbs.)
$25/month per pet $20/month per pet $15/month per pet
(under 50 lbs.)
$30/month per pet $25/month per pet $20/month per pet
Birds, fish, or ferret, or state
legal pet animal kept in cage
all day
$15/month per pet $10/month per pet $5/month per pet

Note: veterinary proof of the spay or neutered pet required or monthly price doubles and additional 50% extra security deposit.

@Lei L. Like many others, I allow pets with restrictions, first because I love pets and know how hard it can be for renters, and second, because if a tenant plans on bring a pet into your rental anyways, they’re going to pull the emotional support animal card. And you might as well get paid for it.

We allow pets for the exact reason just mentioned, if you don't they will just get paperwork from their doctor stating it is an emotional support animal. This way we get to pick the pet up front (there are many emotional support pit bulls around) and get to charge a larger deposit. We also charge a higher rent and get it because there are limited pet friendly rentals in our area.