Room Sharing Laws in NJ

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I know I'm out on a limb here but I've scoured the internet to come up with nothing and on the off chance someone has experience with this I could avoid an attorney bill for the sake of my curiosity. 

A prospective tenant in New Jersey recently asked me if she is allowed to rent a one bedroom for her and her 8 year old child. I have found an article stating that occupants in a bedroom must have ample room (I.e. 70 sq ft for the first occupant and 50 sq ft for every additional) so theoretically if an apartment had a massive bedroom any number of people could live there. I'm always especially wary, however, when children are involved and I can't seem to find any NJ laws that dictate this.

Has anyone encountered this before?

I've done real estate investments in NY, CT, and briefly in NJ and is not aware of any limitations in your situation, where 2 people, especially a mother or son cannot rent a one BR apartments. There are laws limiting the number of people and bedroom, number of unrelated people, but does not apply in your case.

Imagine how ridiculous it sounds, you have a mother and son, a 8 year old no less, it's 2 people, so you have to rent a 2 BR? And if you don't do this, you wind up allowing 10 people renting a bedroom.

BTW, my wife mentioned that when her mom and dad married, got a one BR, then went on to have 4 children. It wasn't till they have the 3rd one that they moved to a larger place, believe a 2 BR. But back in the day, it's not even considered unusual, let alone illegal.

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I agree it all sounds ridiculous (not to mention I am sure there is already someone in one of my buildings doing this but since they never asked I don't know), but in this case since I was expressly asked I started to look into it. This would not be the craziest law I've seen if it did exist, I appreciate the insights!