Ever Increasing Water Bill

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I'm in a townhome in that's connected to 3 additional units (apartment below and townhome to right and apartment below). Each month the water bill has increased with this month showing more than 10, 000 gallons of water used.

This is impossible seeing as its me and I'm away working 12 to 14 hours, 5bdays a week. The two days I'm off, I'm usually gone 4 to 6 hours on pne of those days for appointments. Also bears mentioning  there are no outside water connections.

The water meter was replaced a week ago. Two days after the meter was replaced I just so happened to check it and thr black and red dials were moving without any water on in my home.

I vidoed this and sent it to the leasing office. They tested for a commode leak with green food coloring. The colored water stayed until the commode was flushed.

It's after 1AM, I checked the meter and the dials periodically moved. The maintenance here has no clue. The bill last month was $186 and some cents. My neighbors ( family of 5 with 3 young  children is always $66 and some cents the neighbor directly to my right is a family of 3 with constant overnight guests and his bill just increased to $66.

This is expensive and frustrating. Is it possibly the AC unit? I'm just looking for help.

@Elle Green you have an active water leak. This could be an underground water leak even, and this is a fairly common issue. You are right to check the toilet first as typically this is caused by a running toilet. I have a friend who owns an apartment building in Berwyn, Il, and he had a huge water bill that was caused by a pipe buried in the concrete slab of the building! The insurance ended up covering it amazingly enough. 

Had a friend with a leaking toilet that he was meaning to repair get a quarterly water bill of $584.  It's fixed now. But shows you how quickly a simple leak can add up very quickly.