Opinions/experience on M&M Property Pros? (Kansas City PM)

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I have a few rentals in Johnson County, KS and have tried a few property managers. None of them are great unfortunately. I'm getting a new property soon and I'd love to find a PM that I'm happy with that would be able to take care of my units.

I was connected to M&M Property Pros (owned by Michele Belman) and was wondering if some of you have experience with them or any opinions? I wasn't able to find too much feedback online so I would appreciate anything.

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I would stay away. I found out her REAL name is Michelle Paulakovich (google it) and she was convicted of Real Estate fraud. She uses the name Michele Belman to hide herself. 

I was going to buy and rehab managing the process myself so I started calling contractors. Contractors are going to give you the bad and good of everything going on. I decided not to go that route and start looking for a good PM in Kansas City to buy some cash flow houses through and manage. I have been looking for about 6 months calling around and getting more information about the city. I am passing for now.

Steve - I have never spoken, text or emailed with you about my services or myself. I have looked up your profile and see there is no profile at all and your account was opened in July. I suspect you are a fraud and trying to defame me when we have had absolutely no ties or contact to each other. I would ask that you contact me directly if you have concerns about me rather than going on Bigger Pockets and putting out defamatory information like you did. I am more than willing to talk with you.  I am more than proud to be Michele Paulakovich Belman and if you knew anything about me you would already know this.  Anyone else who wants to speak with me, please feel free to reahc out to me. 

Michelle has been a member of MAREI for a couple of years and I have not really had any feedback good or bad, however, when one of our advertising members do bad things, I usually get a phone call or email about them.  I have not had any such calls about Michelle and MM.  I have seen some people well respected in the industry recommend her on several different real estate groups on Facebook.

Defame you? I was told to go to bigger pockets to find properties and a PM in Kansas City so calling around you hear a lot. Google yourself and you can see. You did some fraud or such and I would want to know for sure before doing business with someone. This site is for investors and to make sure we deal with the best. Page 4 said enough for me not to call you. 


I currently have 4 properties with M&M Property Pros. I have worked with Michelle for a few years now. I have had no problems and been very pleased with the relationship and work done by M&M. With that all in mind I cant speak to anything that happened in the past. There are always two sides to every story and I think that if you want details you should probably pick up the phone especially if someone has mentioned that they are more than open to have a conversation with you to answer all your questions. 

All I can speak to is the past two years working with Michelle, Michael and their team and over that time I have had nothing but a great experience. 


I can give you a tenants perspective. They have twice given me notice that they were prepared to initiate eviction proceedings at the owners request, due to late or incomplete  payments. This was not the case at all. I have a a great working relationship with the owners in which I maintain the grounds and am credited monthly for my services. So when I have paid rent, less the credit, they failed to contact myself nor the owners and employed these harsh scare tactics against me. The owners like what I do and would never request that eviction proceedings be initiated without just cause. There are four single family dwellings in this property. When I listed concerns of flagrant lease violations, gone unchecked (derelict vehicles, unregistered large breed dogs who are not picked up after, garbage scattered out in the yard, piles of debris; old tires, tv, kitchen sink, broken wheel barrow, all sitting out in plain sight for a month or more), wash machine drain hose running out a window and draining into the lawn. They responded by calling me a tattle tail, said that I was way out of bounds and now, 4 months later there is a non working boat, a crashed car and numerous piles of dog poo in the yard. When I had a flooded basement doe to a clogged drain, they failed to reply to voicemail and email. They overlook obvious lease violations and errantly serve harsh notices, falsely stating requests from the owners and insult their compliant tenants while allowing issues to be unresolved. Do you really want to pay these people to be the communicative link between you and your rental clientele?  

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@Dean Attali I just came across your post. Sorry I didn't see it sooner. I have 3 rental properties (5 doors total) with M&M Property Pros. I think they are great. They look out for both the tenants and owners. I'm an out of state investor and will have them manage more properties in the future. Hope you found someone you like out there.