No Rent but I got a jet ski (sort of)

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Landlording is fun!! One of my garage renters didn't pay me rent for 11 months, because he was in jail and I couldn't get in touch with him. He left a jet ski/trailer in the unit, so I couldn't move it out and get a new tenant in there. His friend is managing his affairs while he's in jail, and has been very slow responding to me. The tenant finally decided to give me the jet ski as payment of back rent and sent me a bill of sale and a copy of the title. The problem is that he never finished transferring the title fully over to his name when he originally bought it, so the copy of the title he sent me is signed by him and the former owner. My question is what do I do with this Jet ski? I can't use it, insure it or sell it because the title is not in my name, and I can't give it away because I don't technically own it. I have moved it out of the unit and re-rented it, since he gave me "ownership" of the jet ski with the bill of sale. An additional issue is that the title is from Michigan and I'm in Illinois. Any help would be appreciated. Please be kind in the comments : )

It's called title jumping. This just happened to my son, he bought a car that had been skipped 4 times. The government wants their taxes each time it's sold, so you can't register it.

The simple amswer is track down the original owner, have them put title in the next persons name and so forth.

Lucky for us, after an exhaustive search we found the original owner, and the license branch let them sign an affidavit saying they sold the car to my son. Hopefully you can go that route.

Talk to your local license branch, they will point you in the right direction.