List duplex as home or apartment on Zillow?

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Hey everyone, been reading through these posts for a while and I'm finally ready to list my property for rent. It's a 3bd 2ba duplex. I'm unsure whether to list it under the home or apt category. I would imagine listing it under the home category would get me more attention.

Any input? Thanks!

We list on Zillow through our property managment app Buildium and it always classifies our duplexes as 'townhomes.'  Not really exactly right but I don't have any control of that option.

@Ryan Roybaul - just keep in mind that there's an expectation with renting a house of not having to share a wall with a neighbor ... which is most likely why the software @Jill F. is referring to classifies it as a townhouse.  You might get more views, but a lot of them are going to be worthless since the viewer was expecting a completely detached house.