What is in your repairs and alterations clause?

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Can you paste your repairs and alterations clause here...

I need to write into the contract to protect myself from future tenants hiring inspectors or professionals to do stupid tests.

How should I beef up my current repairs/alterations clause ....

  1. REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS: RESIDENT shall make a WRITTEN REQUEST to OWNER/Agent regarding any repairs, decorations or alterations contemplated. Except as provided by law, no repairs, decorating or alterations shall be done by RESIDENT without OWNER/Agent’s prior written consent. RESIDENT may change window coverings, provided that RESIDENT returns original window coverings to OWNER/Agent. RESIDENT MAY NOT PAINT OR WALLPAPER any part of interior or exterior of the house and premises. RESIDENT may not change locks without providing a key to OWNER/Agent. RESIDENT may not make any alterations to cable or telephone inside wiring (such as may occur when changing telecommunications providers or adding phone lines) without prior written consent of the OWNER/Agent. The consent request regarding proposed alterations to inside wiring shall include the name, address, and telephone number of any new telecommunications providers. RESIDENT shall hold OWNER/Agent harmless and indemnify OWNER/Agent as to any mechanic’s lien recordation or proceeding caused by RESIDENT. RESIDENT agrees to pay all costs resulting from the alteration and agrees to pay to the OWNER/Agent any costs associated with restoring the inside wiring to the condition at the time of move-in, except for reasonable wear and tear.

Mike, I'm sorry to hear about the recent issues you encountered with the asbestos inspector and your tenants. I'm neither a lawyer nor do I have a similar clause I can share with you. One thing that caught my attention, however, was the line:

RESIDENT may not change locks without providing a key to OWNER/Agent.

I wonder if this might invite a range of challenges and involve unnecessarily surrendering some crucial control of your property. Perhaps consider amending this language so that changing the locks also requires your prior written approval. Take this with a grain of salt, but given that many of the modifications you listed required your prior written approval, I'm surprised this specific action did not.