Got 14 inquiries in just a few hours after Listing!

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OK. I just did it! I followed all the advice from Brandon and Seth about how to list a rental. I listed my property on Zillow and now I have 14 inquiries in just a few hours! Is this normal? Do I call and pre-screen each one? Do I have to respond to each one? I don't want to ask each of them to pay the money to fill out the application unless it's worth their time. Should I use the Zillow application? I haven't collected applications before but in looking at the different PM companies I like the look of the Turbo Tenant reports better but it would be hassle to redirect all these people to them to do the application. Thoughts?  

This type of response is typical. Most of them won't turn into anything. Someone may have responded to 15 different properties.

What we do is get the person's email and send them a tenant profile. This gives pricing and basic rules such as no smoking, no cats, credit score xxx, blah blah, Once the person gets this, they basically screen themselves. The next step would be the showing. We only do these in "windows" ie, we'll be showing the house from noon to 4pm on Saturday. Then whomever wants to see it shows up then. If they like the house, then they get an application. They pay the screening fee online so no money changes hands.

Thank you for the quick reply. Good to know and thank you for elaborating. I’ll get started sending out my tenant profile responses tomorrow.