Screening and finding potential tenants

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I justed used recently, applied a 20% off coupon to bring tenant cost down to $24.

I'll be trying Tellus on my next turn over. It's amazing Tellus can do all that for free...

We offer:
  • Free tenant screening (for landlords AND tenants)
  • Rental applications
  • Unlimited number of applicants
  • Credit report from Equifax
  • Criminal background check
  • Eviction history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Identity verification
  • Detailed screening report
  • Tenant leads management
  • Tenant messaging

However, I recently read that judgments from evictions are no longer reported to credit agencies, especially equifax.

So it's kinda scary knowing that you may have incomplete info because these screening services did not find that one eviction record. These screening services need to access government records to find out if anyone has been evicted.

I wonder if Tellus actually has people who call to verify income and employment. I'm curious what sources they use for income verification.

Nevertheless, this will give landlords an advantage because they don't have to charge a screening fee, and renters are more likely to apply.

I already do not charge for initial screening, so this is even better.

I use Burbz to do my screening process. They offer a free screening report and it is easy to use. My applicants got an email notification and they paid.

Their reports came back with background and credit so I could check all the information that's important to me. I would recommend it to other landlords looking for free screening reports.

I also use Tellus for screening tenants. They are totally free and provide thorough screening reports, including credit, rental history, and criminal background. Check it out!