Tenant putting out bed bug infested mattrases, is super responsib

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hi all,

I have a tenant (that in fact is not paying tent, and have court date in 7 weeks), that has bedbugs, so they just threw out their mattresses by the garbage place, from where the super that is responsible to keep the building/property clean, usually would take it to the curb on the days when the city garbage trucks come around.

Now the super is emailing us that they threw it out like this and the city won't pick it up this way,

Now I have 2 options, either I can tell the tenant to take care of it, and obviously that will never happen,

Or I can tell the super that since it's their responsibility to keep the building clean they need to take care of it,

   How would you handle this the situation? 

Well as you said the tenant isn't going to take care of this.

Try and tactfully get the super to take care of it.

Why won't the city pick it up? They won't know it has bed bugs.

Can you just get someone with a trailer to help you take it to the dump?