Need advise on buy-out process

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Hey BPs! I could use some advice on my situation. I purchased a property back in December and my tenant agreed to get bought out. The signed agreement states they have until August 1st to move out but they ended up finding a new place July 1st. Everything seemed great but now it's July 5th and they still haven't moved out completely. 

The biggest issue is over, they're leaving, but the current problem is that my wife and I were told by the tenant they only needed a week to move (this weekend will be a full week) so we gave notice to leave the place we're renting by July 15th and we were hoping to move in when they leave. The tenant says she doesn't have much help and gets back pains from moving a lot. I don't know how to approach this, do I just let her have control of this situation or do I ask to help her move? 

Do I have any options on getting her to move out quicker? I need to leave my current place by next weekend so I'm just trying to plan ahead.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a buy out with terms,

So if they’re not out in time they don’t get the money.

How much is the penalty per day?

You didn’t pay them yet right?

Technically the buy out states they move out by August 1st. 

There is no penalty because the timeframe hasn't been reached. 

The tenant will be paid after they are completely moved out.

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@Fareed Fityan you would be better off looking for a mover on Craig’s list to help her move out.

 Thanks Chris! Sounds like good advice. I went ahead and gave that option to help speed up the process. 

Appreciate the help everyone