Rental Tenant Screening

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Would you rent a condo to someone with only a 733 credit score? It is a Lt Col in the Army that is currently going through a divorce, income of about $132k. Rent is $2100 per month and a 2 year lease. Income wise no issue but the credit score and divorce are concerning.

A 733 credit score is considered good (anything 700 and above typically is). Any score above 750 is considered excellent so the guy isn't far off from having what's considered an excellent credit score. 

Honestly I would rent to an Army O-5 even if his credit score was 700.  Unlike most tenants, military tenants are expected to behave themselves, and if he does something like trash the property or require an eviction, take it up with his boss, and he will get himself straight or potentially face a Court Marshall (If he really misbehaves).