Evicted. Personal possessions... what IS right thing to do?

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After the sherif evicts them “ kicks them out “. It is KNOWN, the sherif doesn’t help them move their items or anything like that.

- Most likely

Personal property will be left behind. What is the right thing to do? Do I just keep the personal property? Do I sell? I am SURELY not going to be moving it.

- What is right way to do this

The state the home is in should have specific laws regarding this. I know that in some states you are required to hold their possessions for a certain amount of time and after that point you can sell or dispose of them as you please. It's state specific, but there should also be clauses on how they can regain their personal possessions and at what point do those possessions become property of the landlord. 

What is the right thing to do?  I can tell you what we did. Got a truck and moved their stuff to a storage unit. Paid for one month. Found her and gave her the key with a note that said that she had until x date to get her stuff out or she could pay the storage company. She had moved to another rental and did not have room for the excess stuff. They were hoarders. My partner and our helper confirmed that she had not paid the storage for another month so they loaded up the stuff the next day and took it to the dump. She called crying a couple of days later and said we cleared it out before the deadline. I asked her if she still had the note and she said yes and I asked her to take a picture on her phone and send it to me. That we would see what was the deadline on the note. I never heard from her again. Interestingly enough we we cleaned out her stuff from the house there was a DEEP FAT FRYER IN THE ATTIC WITH OIL IN IT. And a full sized chaise langue.