Cracked window - should I replace?

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I had new tenants move in a few weeks ago and they just sent over a list of “maintenance issues”

One of the items is a crack in the front window. I am aware the window is cracked (it has been like that for years and was never mentioned by previous tenants). It is the only original window left in the house and it doesn’t open (middle part of a bay window). The crack is about 12” long in the bottom corner, with no possibility of it spreading further and there is also a storm window that is fully intact.

Do I need to have the glass replaced? It is not a small window and I am worried that replacing the glass will be pricey. I have always thought of it as a cosmetic thing, but obviously want to fix it if it is truly a hazard.

If the other tenants haven't cared it sounds to me like it's fine. If they really cared they would have asked about the window before moving in.

I'd pull rank hear and just tell them they are welcome to use the other windows.

How old is the window?  If it is old enough that it isn't safety glass, I'd replace it.  You might be able to just replace the glass itself.  Call and get a quote.  For the glass itself it won't be as expensive as you think.

It is a 100 year old house - front bay window with original details that a vinyl replacement window would not be able to replicate, so replacing the glass is the only option. The rest of the house is all new windows (one of the few in the area that has this upgrade)

I had planned to reglaze and repair when I paint the exterior of the house next year (this is a side by side duplex so there are two matching bay windows I would be reglazing). The question really is can this wait until then?

This may be a matter of habitability depending on your property location. In California, warranty of habitability generally does include broken windows.

In any case, I suggest making a judgement call to the aesthetics of the property as well as any potential liability of not repairing a window that you are aware is cracked.

The city inspector has been in the unit 3 times since I purchased the house (for point of sale inspections and occupancy permit) and this issue has never been mentioned.

@Cara Fazio

It may not be an issue for the city inspector. Different inspectors focus on different things, and again, I don't know the laws in your area.

Now, about the photo...can YOU see the crack in the middle window when you open it in a different window and magnify it? Is it covered over by the loveseat here?