How to get renters into my home, lot's of contacts but can't clos

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I had an applicant 40, credit score in the 300’s, late on many accounts but her mother is covering the rent she has 800 score. She also said she would pay the 6 months up front.

The thing I’m concerned about is person seems not responsible and may ruin property or bring trouble.

What are your thoughts?

 RUN! This person obviously doesn't have their stuff together. It sounds like the mom is trying to pawn of their child on to someone else.

Renting by the room where they have some shared living quarters is a totally different market than renting a whole unit to someone. There are not a ton of people that live that way and they are typically students or people with little/no money....why else as an adult would you be sharing living space with someone you don't know?

With your set up, you aren't going to get stellar applicants...... if you do, they will likely not be long term.

You are going to have to pick the "best of the worst"..... don't expect much...... so far, the pickings are slim and raised giant rent flags

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@Ronnie Hutchinson yeah just ran a background check and had a record. Thanks man

Of course! I usually run the names through my local clerk of court in the nearest counties that way I can see if they have a record before I meet them in order not to waste time. Definitely do not lower your standards, you can lower rent but never your standards on who you're renting it to. Do some research on craigslist, roomster, and Facebook marketplace to see how much everyone is renting their rooms by and how long their post is up for. Then you can adjust accordingly. If you want, you can PM the advertising link and I can look to see how you can improve. I've been renting out rooms for nearly 3 years now. 

Just wanted to give an update, so I’ve rented my 4 rooms out approximately 2-3 months after buying the house. Best site I used is Zillow and still using it to get new tenants.

Using to run my background checks.

Dropping the rents helped get the tenants in.