Prospective Tenant has a prior eviction they said they paid off.

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So I have read and am following the Bigger Pockets Tenant Screening Guide, and it is very clear that this is a denial, and I understand the reasons for not renting to tenants to prior evictions, because they understand the process.  But what does "I paid it off mean"? Does that mean, they were evicted but they paid off the debt owed?  I want to know how to respond to them as they are being persistent.  

I don't rent to anyone who even has an eviction case even filed against them, and definitely not if they got a judgment against them.  Doesn't matter if they ended up paying the judgment off or not.  I don't want a tenant who made another landlord go through all that trouble.  There are many options to pay rent or comply with a lease before it gets to the point where an eviction is filed, and I'm not interested in a tenant who forces another landlord to get to that point. So, for me, what to say would be pretty simple because they wouldn't pass my minimum rental criteria.

Unless you own a property in an absolute war zone, move on. People will explain their way out of anything. Have no empathy. Rejected. Next applicant up.