Lease renewal steps

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Hello everyone,

I have my tenant on a 6 month lease and it’s time to renew her lease. I already gave her the itemized checklist which she returned, and a pamphlet and sheet about lead based paint back when she signed the 6 month lease but on lease renewal, it would make sense not to give these documents again. What are the steps for renewing the lease in Michigan? Obviously landlord tenant laws say that I must give a pamphlet, itemized checklist and all that good stuff on signing of lease but what about on lease renewal?

I'm not in Michigan, but for lease renewal I simply tell them "the conditions are the same as the previous lease except for...." then I list any changes.  for me only the rent changes.  then I get them to sign off on a document that is literally a couple lines stating that.

I bought the book on rental properties a while back, that comes with a lot of helper documents. One of them is a lease renewal. I use that for all of my lease renewals.

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@Theresa Harris aah I see. So you don’t give any of those documents from the first time you rent to them like lead based paint pamphlet. Also, do you use a new lease and sign it again?

Where I am we don't have to give them that documentation.  If you already gave it to them, ask them if they want another copy and then add that as a line on the lease renewal.  they can sign that they have the copy you initially gave them.  I don't reprint the entire lease, I just get them to sign a form that says they are renewing with the same terms and the rent will be _____ then fill in the blank. 

@Theresa Harris oh okay I understand. I want to add that line to the lease or addendum (which ever I use), but modifying these documents without an attorney looking over it makes me scared. I don’t know if setting up an appointment with one just to ask that is worth it. I already modified my lease with one.