Strategic ways to remove tenant from property

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What are some other strategic ways you have used to remove a bad tenant? ( late on rent. Or broke lease )

- Eviction is 1

- Cash for keys is another...

Any others that hav WORKED FOR YOU?!?

Start with a Notice To Quit for Non-Payment of Rent - or - Notice To Quit for Reasons other than Non Payment of Rent (for lease violations).  These are state specific so you will need to google for those.  Then depending on your state laws (Tenant Landlord Laws - google those too), you can determine the next steps.  I recommend filing for Eviction first - because it takes the court a few days to process it; then while it's in process, I go to the tenants and I let them know the eviction is filed.  Sometimes they will leave to avoid the eviction (it's that "on your permanent record" thing) and/or you can offer to pay them to leave with payment due at exit (and the place broom swept and free of their trash/stuff). 

It always pays to act sooner versus later and give Notice To Quit; it keeps you in position of strength and limits your loss of income.