Cloud based Property Management Software

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@Brad Beam I use Tellus for my rental properties as I have small units of properties now. They helped me post the listing, do the tenant screening and now my tenants pay rent through the app. I track all my property docs in the app and it generates rent roll and all the financial reports automatically which help me a lot to manage my property. 

I use Smart Property Systems.  It helps me do everything and also automates rent collection.  The accounting is automated for rents and I can also enter my expenses.  You can list vacancies or even sell your properties through the software.  It also had built in tenant screening, accounting and performance reports etc.  It is very easy to use.  I highly recommend this one.

Thanks for this thread, exactly what I came here for! I am an investor with a system I've used in house for 15 years or so - mainly using email and the cloud for leasing and ACH debiting rent from my tenants. 

I'd like to upgrade to a system where the tenants have a portal to pay online, review leasing docs, communicate as a group, etc. 

I will look into Tellus and Smart Property Systems, thank you @Michael Lee & @Grant Delmonte . @Brad Beam if you found other options I'd love to hear! I have been exploring App Folio and Rent Cafe as well - not sure how they all compare.

I greatly appreciate any other investors chiming in! Thank you!

Using Tellus too for my rental properties. I can easily record everything related to my property, like leases, receipts, incomes and expenses, chat message with tenants, etc. My tenants pay me rent via the app and they also feel convenient. 

Ty @Stephen Willis !  The tenant side of things is very important to me, right now my infrastructure is fine on the backend for me but they have no way to login and see their balance or pay their rent as I pull everything from them versus them pushing it to me. Based on your comments it sounds like Tellus offers a solid portal for tenants? I am going to check it out now!