Guidelines or Example Floorplans for Wheelchair Access

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Hey Gang - Been a while. 

I'm looking to convert two ground level units I have in a multi-family into fully wheelchair accessible units. Entryways are taken care of, but the space is really tight in one unit and I'm trying to figure out a layout that will actually work for someone with mobility issues. 

If someone has floorplans/layouts  (AutoCAD would be heroic) that they could share with me showing clearances, door sizes, etc. that would be fantastic. 

If anyone has a good reference guide (the NYS one is vague, and lacks detail, at least the one I have) that would be great as well.

Thanks all! 

Hmmm this really depends on your space requirements. A lot of the accessible units i've worked on nearly come down to the inch. Especially in the bathroom. Take a look at my ADA code book. There are a lot of pictures describing the actual requirements