Another discussion mentioned a fair housing trap, what is it?

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what are fair housing traps? do landlords get hit with fair housing traps for ESA pets? 

Are they(government) only going for extreme examples of FHA violations on a large scale? are they actually going after small(less than 100 units) landlords?

Does the government pursue this? or is it private(tort) attorneys?

I have never had any problems, but, my practices and policy are in-line with the law and I am genuinely not a discriminatory person when it comes race, gender, religion, disability, age, etc....

However, this other thread about Emotional Support Animals and FHA laws got me thinking about the above questions.

I have always heard about FHA Law at management classes/seminars, but, I am curious about the reality of all the "FHA boogeyman" claims and caveats that you always see and hear, thrown around.

Who gets sued or fined? How often? For what violations? Do they get warnings first?

It is when an educated tenant sets you up for a lawsuit. They know the laws, play stupid and hope you break the law. Then they can pounce on a discrimination lawsuit and make a couple hundred thousand dollars.

This is one I personally witnessed:

Tenant moves in, no problem for 6 months. She shatters her window in a fight with her man, and calls in the work order. Complex calls in a window company who can't get there until next day. She files a police report, claims rape and theft. Then sues the complex more serious money even though no crime ever occured.

Another example: 

Maintenance goes to snake a toilet. Neighbors stops him, asks to tighten door handle real quick. He obliges, without a written work order. Tenant with toilet issue sues because doorknob was done first, and she was discriminated against. And won.

Third example: I had the painting contract at a high crime, low income complex (350 units). Very lucrative contract. So I decided to throw a barbecue for all the tenants. Unfortunately I did not realize I needed to advertise this in advance. I showed up to the property with 250 lbs of meat, buns, condiments, etc... and had a dames lawyer tell me if I fired up that grill I would face massive lawsuit because people could claim they weren't invited and thusly discriminated against. 

Ignorance of the law, is not justification for breaking the law.