Tenant Issues - HELP

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Rental property leased after purchased, had been vacant for over a year, and had some issues starting out. Water heater breaker was off (took us a day to figure this out), and a lot of small things around the house had to be fixed. Tenant was super passive aggressive, cursing, blowing up my phone. All issues resolved within a few days.

Now, mini split started leaking (fixed within 2 days - small drip), and the house flooded. The flood is a mystery. No pipes broken and everything can continue to be used. No idea. I was notified at 1130PM and woke up at 8am with threats of calling the health department for house being "unlivable". I was there by 2PM with a flood company and it's much smaller than it seemed - only one small corner, no furniture there, and is not SOAKED.. carpet is just wet in the corner. We are having it resolved within 48 hours with fans etc and actually replacing the carpet that was there with tile.

Of course she is constantly checking in with me through out the first 24 hours, asking for hotel (does not affect her bed or living, it really doesn't.. its a small corner of the house maybe 100 sq ft). Asking for rent reduction, hotel, and now for us to pay increased electric costs for the fan. Now she is threatening a lawyer.

The owner was nice enough to offer a credit of rent during the days the fan is blowing and the tile work is being done.  ($25/day)

I actually had this happen to me - 10x worse, 3x in one year, at an apartment and they did NOT prorate rent or offer to pay increased electric costs. Besides the fact that the flood itself is a mystery, how should this be handled? We are leaning towards just giving her option to move out since she is not willing to work with us as we are trying very hard to relieve the issues. Thoughts??

@Michelle Elsaid

If she's high maintenance, you have the right idea of giving her the option of getting out of the lease.  Explain to her that she's clearly not happy in the house given the number of requests she's made. You might have a small vacancy period.

You can offer her the difference in her electric bill (get her to show you last month's and this month's bill).  I'll bet it is under $20.  Explain to her the house is livable.  The minor water damage didn't affect her use of the bathroom or kitchen and was dealt with within a day of you being notified.

Welcome to the ownership of a landlord/DIU property manager. 

Just make sure you carry additional insurance(s) on liability. Make sure the tenant has renter insurance at least require it on the lease. A safety, fire alarm detector, CO detector, or "mold discovery" charge at court can wipe out your life savings. Court these days are protecting the occupants with equal housing, health, safety, and service animal laws.

House is 100% livable, does not affect use of kitchen, bathroom, or bed (although it did occur in bedroom - it's kind of like a big studio apartment). We are fixing things as fast as we can, and even 24 hours turn around times seem to result in threats of calling in lawyers or special departments. Even in emergency situations we can't resolve within 1 hour. Are we doing something wrong?

I would give her the option of getting out of her lease and parting ways since she is such a pain to deal with.

I would not give in to her bullying.

This is why my phone is on DND after 9PM. If it is an emergency they can dial 911, anything else can wait till morning.

I had a water leak at night once and when tenant couldn't reach me they called fire department to come turn off water. Problem was taken care of till I could get my handyman over to fix the leak. Luckily I have super understanding tenants for the most part.