How often do you do apartment inspections and rules??

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As a property manager I have been dealing with tenants hanging a lot of things on the walls and when they move out I have to many little holes in the walls such as nail holes, hooks still in the walls that I assume were used to hang things on the walls. 

So my questions are, How often do you do apartment inspections and what are some you guys rules on hanging things on the walls such as pictures and other things that put holes in the walls that have to be filled in prior to a new tenant moving in?   

@Dane Delatte I consider this just part of the business and when tenants move out I fill the holes and paint. I actually prefer to see a tenant setting up shop in the unit as that typically means they will potentially stay longer. I haven't found patching walls to be anywhere near the most costly part of owning apartments as of yet. 

I rent C/D class housing locally and do almost all the maintenance myself. I too wish patching holes in the walls and touching them up with colormatched paint at every tenant turnover were my biggest problem in this business. I don't even try to take it out of security deposits. I think most tenants know how easy it is to patch picture holes and wall repair deductions for thirty-second jobs (10 seconds spackle, 10 seconds spot-prime, 10 seconds paint) are resented very much in this business.

I waste too much time removing all the nails, screws and hooks from my walls. Tenants should return the unit in the same condition it was given to them. If they make holes in the walls, the Tenant needs to spackle and paint prior to returning possession to Landlord. Just my opinion.

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Thank you for answering me. I guess that is what I was asking. If most people take some out of the deposits for these things and how often do others do apartment inspections if at all? I do agree with you @Jim K. that it is an easy fix that does not take long to do but the problem I have is the frequency at which I have to do it. The place i have the most trouble with it is in a place that has weekly rates. It's not long term leases. So i may have a tenant that is in a room for just a few week and I have to patch the holes after they leave. I get a new tenant in and he stays for 3 weeks, After they leave i have to patch the little holes. Now that is not always the case, but take that times 26 units and and I am constantly fixing little holes everywhere when there is turnover in the rooms. (just to give an idea of what I'm talking about. With 26 units and weekly rates, we turnover about 2 a week. Just seemed like something that should not be such a pain, but if this is the normal then I can deal with it. Thank you again for the help.