Tax Exit Strategy for Amazon HQ2 Properties

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2 years ago purchased 2BR/2BA condo in 4-star building to live in; one year ago acquired two additional condos same building through 1031 tax exchange that break even on cash flow but lots of gain embedded in each from numerous rollovers.  Not married. Plan to sell condo I'm living in three years (5yrs total ownership; 250k tax free gain), occupy 2nd condo for 5 years and sell (250k tax free gain) and hang onto or sell the third.  Am I on the right track?  Secure job and intend to retire in 7 years or so.  Rents slowly increasing.  Appreciation on 17 percent track increase this year and possibly increasing in future.  Less than one month sales inventory for the foreseeable future.  Amazon HQ2 neighbor on one side, future Virginia Tech Innovation Campus and new metro station neighbors on the other.  Take money and run now or hold for the mid term bang for the buck?  Amateur LSK

For the 121 exclusion you only have to live in it for 2 to qualify.  But....since it was a rental First, when you sell the gain will be prorated directly for the time you lived in it verses the time it was a will be exempt for the percentage of time you lived in it and you will pay cap gains tax (and depreciation recapture) for the percentage of time it was a rental..


Rental for 4 years...owner occupied for 2 years=

2/3 of your cap gain will be taxable, 1/3 exempt.