Kansas City Market- Neighborhood info

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I would like any insight on Ruskin Heights area if anyone has any info. Thank you.

@Philip Claessens this area looks like it's mostly D grade. 

I would be look for high yields to offset the risk if I were to buy there. 

@Art Perkitny That is a pretty slick tool and I am interested in it.

@Philip Claessens the map from Art does shed some light on the area.  It is an area where prices have been stable for a while and people have been hesitant to invest.  There a number of newer rentals coming online that have been rehabbed by investors.  It is also located near the new Cerner expansion which may have a factor on the long term pricing as it is bringing in a lot of jobs.  Appreciation has not been a big play in this area. The parts closer to the highways to the North and West are better areas as indicated by the map.

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