Replacing carpet tips?

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Any tips on the best kind of carpet to install in a rental and best place to go for carpet? I was thinking about using Costco and getting a Berber style. Also, considering offering to let the new tenant choose the carpet - with a budget - they can pay extra if they want to upgrade.  Thoughts? 

there is no best kind. they all get destroyed by tenants. They wear their dirty shoes on them, spill crap, nasty dander and dead skin, then you steam clean a bunch of times, which leads to delamination. 100% headache.

i'm ditching carpet for vinyl plank. I only have carpet in the bedrooms, and that will eventually be replaced by plank.

tenants can buy their own floor rugs.

Get cheap office carpeting in brown color . I get mine for .68 a ft and don’t use any padding just lay it down and staple it . The color brown is ideal for covering dog [email protected]&t stains ! -always buy brown and it doesn’t even need steam cleaned at the turnovers 

If the floor is uneven, carpet is the way to go. Use inexpensive nylon (most durable and stain resistant) or olefin cut or loop style carpet. Avoid berber as that can cause runs in the carpet that can be sucked up by vacuum if not carefully cut and then that ruins the carpet. Its not rental friendly and is already more expensive to install and will be replaced at higher frequency (not cost efficient). Use at least 6 lb carpet pad as that will prolong durability of the carpet and reduce wear best as possible. Look for darker browns or other variations or speckles to hide stains better. Bulk types at home depot and lowes offer competitive rates for the material and sometimes the basic carpet install.

I've started to try out luxury vinyl plank. Its a higher up front investment, but I'm hoping I wont have to replace it as often and it will have better value and easier between turnovers. The best priced material I found that has good quality is $2/sq foot at lowes- shaw matrix resort teak or other colors (below link). Needs no underlayment but requires leveled floors. I paid about $2/ sq ft install for basic one level install so about $4/sq foot all in where carpet can be had installed for a bit less per sq foot for the basic types using the bulk in stock stuff at the big box places.

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@Jeff Bridges thank you for all the great info!! @Dennis M. WOW, you’ve found a gold mine! Great cash flow. How’d you do that and are you looking for partners? 😉

Well Don’t get too excited , It has its fair share of headaches and real expenses  is often different than what’s on paper