Is the 1% rule applicable in the Triad region in North Carolina ?

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I am looking for more information concerning SF rental properties in North Carolina where I have some family. I am looking specifically in the Triad area which encompass Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point.

Is it realistic to find properties that follow the 1% rule ? I know that property taxes are much lower than where I live now which should be beneficial for the cashflow but I am not too sure about the rent levels.

Also, is there any small multifamily available in those areas (duplex, triplex, quad) ? 

Thank you so much for your help and looking forward to reading your answers.


The one percent rule tottally applies in the Triad  As for small multifamily (duplex, triplex etc) they are few and far in between although don't let people fool you, they do exist, they are here and I have seen them. There just aren't that many. 

Plenty of "1% rule" homes in the triad. Keep in mind these homes may be older and may require some additional cap ex.

The 1% rule does apply in Greensboro. There are also small multifamily properties available but you have to activily engage in this market. Let me know what you are looking for in the small multifamily space. I have a bussiness partner in the Triad area actively pursuing small multifamily properties.

You will probably find that most properties here in Greensboro that meet the 1% rule aren't in neighborhoods that are super desirable. We have a few properties that were close to meeting this when we bought them but most of these were small multi family, duplexes and quads. We tend to look for properties that need some work and offer a chance to bump up the rents. 

However, like any other market you need to do a more comprehensive cash flow analysis. You are right that our property taxes are relatively low. For example, I bought a quad 3 years ago ( 4 2 bedroom Apts) for 330,000 which grosses 2800 per month. The cash flow is positive, with probably a 5-6% roi. My first inherited tenant is moving out in a month and I hope to renovate and increase the rent on that unit by 300 per month. 

The Zillow app suggested rents seem to be fairly reliable here. I check these first whenever I have a vacancy. 

I find that right now High Point lacks the middle class that Winston Salem and Greensboro have, and the multifamily inventory reflects that - it's usually in rough shape. Both WS and Greensboro have more diversified economies and are seeing lots of downtown investment now. I think you'll see more appreciation potential in the two larger cities if you buy in solid neighborhoods.In general however the Triad is not building anywhere near the amount of apartment housing that would satisfy apartment household formation, so reasonably priced units rent almost immediately anywhere in the area. So it depends on whether you want to invest for cash flow or appreciation.

So, where are the cashflow areas?

@Tristan S.

It is completely possible to hit the 1% rule in the triad. There are tons of small multi family properties in Greensboro and in Winston however they don’t come available very often. Good luck!

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