Arkansas Lease and needed

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Hi all, I just secured my first property in Arkansas. I created an Arkansas Lease using Rocket Lawyer and a House Rules and Resident Policies Addendum referring to the documents that my property managers in CA and OR use as a guide.  The Realtor who is helping me lease the property (I am out of state) says that the addendum is overkill and that the lease covers all of the stuff anyways, but in general words. She feels that I will make the tenants uncomfortable to sign the additional document, that the culture in Arkansas is more laid back and wouldn't respond well to this more specific document. We did do a good screening of the tenant and I feel quite comfortable that they will be good, clean and responsible tenants, but you never know....My question is, do you Arkansas landlords use addenda to your leases? How nitty gritty do you get into specifics?  I want to highlight at the lease that tenants should monitor moisture to avoid mildew growth and clean if they see it, they should change air filters quarterly, smoke detector batteries are their responsibility to change, etc. Any advice is appreciated.  I need to get this squared away this weekend. Than you so much!

@Marlina Eckel - I've been told that I have a long lease agreement from others in the area as well.  The basics of the smoke detector batteries and air filter (I change mine myself to get an inside peek into the place) are standard.  The mildew growth seems pretty excessive in my opinion.  We are obviously a very owner friendly state and there are a lot of things you can do to get out of it.  I know others in the area (lawyer background) that have 1 sheet lease agreements and it works just fine for them.  I'm a little more in-depth in my process but I like to talk it all out paragraph by paragraph.

If it gives you piece of mind then heck with what the PM or tenant think.  You should be happiest and that's all that matters because most likely if they have already changed utilities, got 2 different checks, mail change over and you are handing the keys and signing lease at this point....they probably aren't backing out IMO.

Best of luck to you!