Potiential Tenant Screening for retired people

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@Jace Thornton This is a good question! Even though they are retired, you will still be able to pull credit, criminal, and eviction reports for the potential tenant! However, besides the hard data, you should get to know them personally - if they owned a house and are selling just to downsize than that's a different than if they had to sell it because they couldn't afford it. Although they haven't had a landlord in awhile, you can probably use your best judgement getting to know them and then also off of the background check and credit report. Check out the landlord resources tab on BP under tools and services to check out some tenant screening options. Best of luck! 

@Jace Thornton  I agree and enjoy what @Taylor Roeling had to say.  As far as verification of income goes for a retired person you can always request 90 days worth of bank statements or earning statements.  It is very important to make sure that your applicant's income is consistent as well as that they are making enough to be able to afford your rent per month. We usually recommend looking for someone who earns 3 times what you are charging in a monthly rent amount. That , of course, is always up to you and what you are most comfortable with.

As far as verifying landlord references, that is something you can always do yourself.  On the application you have your applicants fill out and sign you can include a section for them to provide that information to you.  I would also like to double down and state that I believe you will find the landlord resources tab beneficial. Happy landlording!