Multi family, closing this week!

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It all started with a date~that’s when real estate investing came across my radar. Jumped in with both feet, as fast as I could possibly go. I would LOVE advice on first steps to take as it becomes mine. There are leases in place on both units... one ends July 31st.

Congrats! Where did you come across the deal? Will you be self managing? Remote or in Denver?

Check out get a walk thorugh dot com. Hire them to shoot professional photos, matterport, and the website. Tell them it's a rental so they can change your site. Make necessary repairs to get it turn key. Do you have a lease ready? 

Hi @Roxanne Ibrahim ,

Hats off to you for your great accomplishment! Are you ready to jump in with both feet on a perpetual basis? If so, @Chris Lopez is the person to talk to for strategies and guidance in this stimulating Denver Metro Realestate market! Chris educates and co-hosts many classes and webinars that focus on many investment strategies that are tailor-made for properties within the C470 loop. Please click on Chris above to learn more about his curriculums or to find out how you can obtain a copy of his new book, The 2019 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing strategies!

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