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We regularly use SmartMove as well. Many property management software programs will also include those needed tenant screening tools: Cozy, Avail, Rentec Direct, TenantCloud, Appfolio, Buildium and many more.

I have been using - options for different packages (credit, criminal. eviction as you choose), plus options for the applicant to input the information or the landlord to input the information. The fact that my membership in the local REIA gave me a discount didn't hurt either.

I personally use Tellus for my background check process. One of the major things that attracted me to this app was the free background check feature. They are partnered with Naborly so it is trustworthy and gives pretty fast results, no longer than 2 days for a complete report. 

@Eric Kelly I can do background check on a property or a person and let you know what I think, I do have background check online site that is my site.

I specialize in skip tracing, depending how deep you want me to do background check, price will vary.

@Eric Kelly

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned A whole suite of landlord tools to include background and credit checks the potential tenant pays for.

Most, if not all of the property management software's out there have a built in FREE back-round checker, that they integrated in through companies like Checkr. I know that Cozy and others have this built in as a free integration.

I recommend you use Cozy. It's free and has so many other benefits for managing properties! 

Or, just use companies like Checkr by themselves. Although, it's cheaper to use Cozy, and more efficient. 

Hi @Eric Kelly .  There's been several already thrown out but figured I would share a little insight.

Landlord Software:  Every management software offer a background check feature.  This includes Cozy, Burbz, TurboTenant, Tenant Cloud, etc.  If you're only needing the background checks then consider the free sites or else you'll pay a monthly fee for a single feature you only need rarely.

Reporting Sites:  There are sites that only offer screening reports and no other management features.  This would be RentPrep, TenantReports, etc.  Same concept.

Background Company:  There are only 3-4 major players in the industry (Transunion, Experian, etc.).  All the landlord software and Reporting sites still use these major players to generate the actual report.  So there shouldn't be too big of a difference whomever the retail site you got it from, perhaps a difference depending if the report company is different.

**edit**  Free:  All the sites offer this service for 'free'.  FREE is marketing because the applicants will actually pay for it.  Some sites do allow the landlord the choice to pay; as expected, few landlords typically do.  The applicants will receive an email with the link to pay.

We partner with RentPrep because they include hand-review as part of their process.  It's just one more step to provide quality reports and better protect the landlord.  To my knowledge, RentPrep is the only firm from Landlord or Reporting sites that includes it.  They also partner with other Landlord Software Sites.

Hope this is helpful and provides a little more insight.  If you have any question, please let me know and I'd be happy to address them.