Unwanted Traffic / Parking

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Hello BP Community, I have a question regarding one of my tenants: 

To give you some quick background info: 

- I inherited this tenant in my tri-plex that I bought about 6 months ago. 

- This tenant has kept the unit clean and she is on section 8 so the rent is always on time. 

- She's lived at the property for 5-years before I bought the property. 

- The lease ends in December of this year.  

Here is the challenge i'm facing:

This tenant allows A LOT of traffic at the property. All throughout the day, random cars pull up to hangout. I'm not sure if she even knows most of these people, but she's set a precedent that her house is a spot to drop by whenever. This tenant does not have a working car, but claims that the broken car in her spot was given to her (which has been sitting there for 4-5 months). When these people pull in, they take up the other tenants parking spaces. I've confronted some of these people and asked them to move their cars on several occasions, but there are too many to keep up. Also I don't want to put my other tenants in a position to ask for people to move their cars since it's a burden and could lead to an altercation. 

Do I have any rights to have these cars towed if this continues?  Based on the info that I've outlined, would you renew the lease?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! 

im not sure what the laws are out there but, if you put up a sign that says no unauthorized parking or standing it's probably fair game to have them towed. 

The proper procedure in my area is to contract with a towing company that gives you signs to display which list that unauthorized vehicles will towed, along with associated fees. Then your tenants do not have to confront anyone, they just call the tow company.

In addition, you should add a clause to the lease that states that inoperable vehicles cannot be stored on the property. That's a great way to end up with a property that looks like a junkyard.

It sounds like these are designated parking spots.  If possible, I'd put up "Reserved Parking" signs with a warning about unauthorized vehicles being towed away.  At least then people have a warning.  And then, yes, I would definitely tow vehicles in violation and give that phone number to the affected tenants also.

I would also have a word with the tenant who has many visitors that the parking situation has been a continuing problem, illegally parked cars are now going to be towed, and advise her she should let her guests know they'll be towed if they park in spots "A" and "B".

I've occasionally frequented businesses that will have warning signs like that at their register, ie "Customers of Joe's Poboys, don't park in Stanley's Dry Cleaning lot, you will be towed."  Same idea to pass along to her, for her guests.

I only have 9 spots for my 8 apartments. I have overflow parking on the side. It took some hounding but I made it very clear to tenants that they get one spot! They aren't assigned, but only one vehicle can be there. Visitors can park in the overflow or on the street. Don't let this one tenant chase your other tenants away. Put a on or near the door of the building (if it's a building) that says that parking spots are for tenants only and all others will be ticketed or towed. I also have a rule that if a vehicle isn't being used at least once a week it needs to be in the overflow. Maybe you can have her move it somewhere else.
Also, not saying she is, but make sure she's not dealing drugs. I had one with lots of short term visitors and they were dealing out of their apartment!